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The art of this manga is super lit. The world building is massive and on point. The power system in this manga is also very unique. Characters are written well and the story is also original. The main character is a little bit edgy and grumpy at first but later on he gets some character development. 


I think I was most impressed by the artwork. It starts out with a gorgeously vibrant colored page, but then switches to black-and-white for the meat of the story. It seems to use minimal screentones and makes use of hatchmark shading and linework to create texture instead. I like all of the character designs I’ve seen so far. The clothes are neat, Rudo’s scarred hands are cool, and Riyou looks cute. Rudo’s eyes have ringlets and bags under them. Overall, the way the action scenes are drawn as well as the way the proportions are done remind me of My Hero Academia and maybe some other manga as well (though I can’t quite put my finger on it).

The basic premise is built around the idea that possessions should be cherished, and that cherished things have “souls.” It then takes that idea, which is largely just philosophical, and makes it the basis of how people have superpowers in the world of the “abyss.” You see, some people wield objects called jinki, which have special powers, but only when wielded by the person who cherished them for years. Throughout the manga, there’s some righteous indignation, as well as some implicit commentary about wastefulness and pollution. And our main character is currently trying to find out what fe wants to do with feir life.

I like the world-building. I’m not saying that it 100% makes sense, necessarily, but I do think it creates a nice aesthetic and also allows for a variety of threats and challenges. The monsters are decent enough, but I also find myself more interested in the human interactions and largely just glossing over the monster fights. I wouldn’t mind seeing how the non-janitor side of society functions–like, whether there are any problems with farming or what the sports and entertainment are like or those types of things.


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You can read Gachiakuta manga online at in English for free.

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